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Xero wins Accounting Product of the year


MYOB have rebranded themselves


New website launched

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. Tell us what you think


Authorised Kounta Partner

We are a certified Kounta Specialist

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Key Features

Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run your businesses.


Kounta Works On Anything

Kounta is a Point of Sale "POS" Software System that works on iPads, Macs, PC's and also the existing traditional Point of Sale equipment that you have already invested in.


Add On Integrations

Kounta seamlessly connects with a variety of online and mobile services that you already use, or should if you dont, like PayPal, Xero, Sassu, Beat the Q and Deputy.


Supports Unlimited Sites & Kountas

Kounta allows you to access your store on anything, anywhere, anytime while also centralising an unlimited number of stores like franchisees you own or manage.


Centralised Reporting Management

Report on your business from anywhere you go. Filter out what you want and then drill into detailed reports or even tailor reports to suit your needs.


Simple Product Creation & Maintenance

Create and arrange items that you sell, assign them images, colours, codes, barcodes, printer situations and then link them to categories and sales screen groups for getting them into your customers hands.


Stock (Inventory) Control

Kounta's efficient stock control will mean you will have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It also helps to make sure that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, and protects your supply chain.


Use only what you need

Kounta comes off the shelf with all the necessary features you would expect to find in Point of Sale with customisable add ons to suit your needs while keeping deployment and maintenance simple. With Kounta's enterprise infrastructure, you get effortless scalability, without worrying about hardware, patches or backups.

Mobile Point of Sale, Ordering and Payments

Buying and paying is going mobile!

- Create an interaction with your customers, rather than just a transaction
- Advertise your stores to buyers around you
- Your customers can pre-order and pay using their phones
- Put your store into your customers hands
- Accept Traditional and Mobile Payments
- Know your customers


Authorised Kounta Partner

We are a certified Kounta Specialist
We offer you the complete package instead of doing it yourselves and can make sure you have an enjoyable Kounta experience
We have the skills, experience and training to be effective Kounta implementers that can also offer you initial and ongoing technical support

Click on our link below to get started with Kounta free.

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myob approved partner


Although I’m a “numbers” person and currently have an extremely fond relationship with my stapler and punch, I am essentially a bookkeeper who enjoys clever accounting software like cloud-based accounting software solutions.

Being a business owner myself, there is nothing worse than not having access to information or up to date cash flow and forecasts. By using online accounting solutions with automated bank feeds, my clients enjoy the benefits of up to date accounts; which frees up valuable time to analyse your business and work on ways of improving or growing your business.

If you have found yourself working in your business and not on your business, I can alleviate the pressure by completing all/part of your monthly accounts, compliance work and payroll.


Do you dread filling out those IRD tax forms at the end of the year?

I can help you decipher and assist with filling out your annual company or personal returns. I have bucket loads of enthusiasm and a passion for numbers and who knows; maybe you’ll even receive a refund.


Let’s face it, most successful businesses have to continuously evolve their business process in order to grow; and it’s with that growth that many businesses have found themselves with time consuming software solutions to fulfil their business processes and reporting needs. Often business owners find themselves spending huge amounts of money purchasing accounting solutions that don’t address the business owner’s needs and this is where my passion lies.

I like to work together with my clients and recommend changes to their existing processes and/or accounting solutions to give them the information they need to be on top of their business. I pride myself on the fact that I won’t force a solution for a quick sale, but rather build a relationship with the client by relying on my wide variety of tried and tested solutions.

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something” – Steve Jobs

About MeAbout Me

I'm a bookkeeper who enjoys clever accounting software

I have always been in to accounts. I am enthusiastic and passionate about them. Although you may think, “how exciting can accounts be?”, personally I enjoy them. They add up for me and I’m more likely to remember your bottom line or bank account number than your name; which is probably not a good quality to advertise.

Over the years, I may have spent some time getting my nails dirty as a computer technician, but even then, it was installing and maintaining computers for accounting systems.

As an accounting solution provider I can help you and your business by:

* working on your accounts,
* assisting you with the daunting process of choosing the right accounting solution,
* implement a new accounting system, and
* training staff on how to use your accounting system effectively .

In short I can deliver a solution that streamlines your business processes.

My skills and experience come from attended numerous courses and achieving industry recognised certification. Throughout my career, I have met and dealt with many like-minded business owners and gained invaluable knowledge and insight into many different industries.

The recruitment industry would probably label me as a Bookkeeper and/or ERP Software consultant depending on what role they were trying to fill.

I think you’ll find my knowledge of compliance work, dealing with government departments (like Inland Revenue), and providing you with targeted reports will make me an invaluable partner to your business.


"Many thanks for assisting me in computerising my accounts. It's a great feeling to feel on top of things and at a glance know how my business is doing. I am looking forward to analyzing the profits of my stores separately and of course knowing exactly what I owe my suppliers. I would certainly recommend any business wanting to streamline their business processes to contact you..."

Sarah Fae Foldesi  – Pure Pulp

“Thank you Penny, for simplifying my bookkeeping systems; this has reduced time and costs involved, and made it much easier for me to do invoicing, obtain reports and keep track of my Debtors and Creditors - at any hour of the day! Your ongoing advice and guidance are invaluable to me, I would highly recommend your services to other business owners”

Craig Minehan – Hope River Pies

"Penny and her company first started working for my company in 2007 when they installed our new computer system. We then had a support contract with them that has lasted until the present day, with her company doing all our training, IT support and trouble-shooting. Her conduct and that of her staff has always been professional and friendly and we have never had any problems with them. Penny was solely responsible for the hiring of her staff and making sure that their skills were up to date, and their conduct professional at all times. Once again I can only commend her on her choice of staff and her leadership skills. I have no problem recommending Penny for any job that she applies for and feel that any company that has the privilege to have her work for them will be lucky. She is extremely hard working and talented and has been an asset to our company."

Easy Africa – Karen Longman

"We have been dealing with Penny Mercer and her company Petrel Computers for eight years. Penny is efficient and takes great pride in keeping her customers and staff happy. Her team at Petrel were always motivated and well trained – this was testimony to Penny’s motivational and managerial skills. It was always a pleasure to deal with her and her company. We wish her well with her move to New Zealand and her future endeavors."

Clair Oxley Oxland – Panoramic Components

"Penny has been employed at Riccarton Clinic since December 2009 as the Clinic Manager. The Clinic Manager role was a new one for the business and Penny has helped to define the position. Basically the role is to manage the 'front of house' aspects of the medical practice and this includes managing the Reception & Admin team (14 direct reports), being available to interact with patients (on non-clinical matters) and handling all IT and property related issues as they occur. A full position description can be provided on request. Penny has undertaken all aspects of the role with aplomb. I must confess to declining Penny's application at first but a bad week with IT just before I closed the recruitment process persuaded me to interview her. I have had good personal cause to celebrate that last minute reprieve many times over the last three years and there is no question that the business of Riccarton Clinic has benefited tremendously. Penny's IT skills have been an asset to Riccarton Clinic and have not only saved us much time, expense and grief but have generated additional revenue and greatly contributed to cementing Riccarton Clinic's profile as a leading provider of health care..." - Jan 2013

Mark Darvill – Riccarton Clinic

"...I have had the pleasure of dealing with Penny Mercer for approximately 9 years. During that period I found Penny Mercer, the sole member of the Close Corporation, to be extremely supportive.  The response time was great, the team at Petrel Computer Consultants were always available for assistance, no matter how big or small the problem. I have also had a lot of personal dealing with Mrs. Mercer and can highly recommend her and she would be an asset to any company. I have found her to be available after hours and over weekends if there was an emergency.  She was also solely the reason for taking SANCA from a very slow mind set on technology to the latest available which changed the lives at SANCA.  Her knowledge in the IT industry is vast and one thing I really enjoyed about Penny is that she was never reluctant to share her knowledge and experience with me..."

Denise Banfield – SANCA


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Xero wins Accounting Product of the year


MYOB have rebranded themselves


New website launched

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. Tell us what you think